Silk painting is fun and offers a wonderful art and craft of painting on silk.

My name is Zora Voženílková and I was born in Pardubice, the Czech Republic in 1968. Finished the study at the Technical University in Prague (CVUT – FSI) and later PIBS (Prague International Bussiness School) and having Ing. and MBA.

We spent a couple of years abroad – first in Germany, where my second daughter was born, and later in the U.S.A.

What inspires me to create fiber art is a question I am often asked. Watching the color spread on clean silk reminds me of freedom and for me painting has to be passion. The moment I touched the silk with my paintbrush, I was committed. This immediacy allows me to flow with the moment, be completely present. An error becomes another choice, another path to follow. I have learned about the spiritual, emotional, physical and mental properties of every single colour and color combination and their effect on the human psyché and think how to use this knowledge within my painting. All this reflects the inner world of emotions, senses and my spirit…

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