Frequently asked questions

  1. Is it safe to order on www.zorasilk.com?

    I will do my best to guarantee that every purchase you make, will be 100% safe.

  2. What can I do, if I cannot place an order successfully online?

    If you come across this problem, please try following steps:

    • Please clear the cookies, restart the browser, turn off firewall and then try again.
    • If the problem persists, please use another computer or another internet browser, such as Firefox, and then try again. You can also try to login in later.
    • If the previous steps don’t solve out your problem, you can either send me an email or contact me directly – zoravoz@hotmail.com.
  3. What kind of currency do you accept?

    At the moment I accept US Dollars and Euro. If you order from other countries, your credit card statement will reflect the converted amount based on your bank’s real-time exchange rate.

  4. What kind of payment methods is available? How do they work?

    We accept PayPal or paying by Bank transfer. For PayPal, you can pay the order directly on the web as the payment process. If you choose Bank transfer payment way, please contact me via email zoravoz@hotmail.com, I will send you more informations.

  5. Can I change my order after checkout?

    Please notice that once an order has been placed and processed, it is difficult to make modifications and cancelations. If you need to make any alterations to your order, please email me at zoravoz@hotmail.com. I shall do my best to accommodate your situation. But I am sorry to say that, once your order has been shipped, the order cannot be changed or canceled.

  6. What are the regular sizes of your silk scarves?

    • Small square scarves: 28 x 28 cm, 45 x 45 cm, 55 x 55 cm, 78 x 78 cm
    • Large square scarves: 90 x 90 cm, 110 x 110 cm
    • Oblong scarves: 35 x 130 cm, 40 x 150 cm, 45 x 180 cm, 90 x 180 cm

    All of those silk scarves are hand rolled. In case of different size, please see, that the sizes are printing size that means this is the size before hemming. It should be reduced about 2cm after hemming. So the reasonable margin of error for the silk scarves is about 2 cm.

    If you would like to order that same design recreated in a different size or a different color palette, please contact me to arrange the details.

  7. How much postage will be charged for each order?

    The shipping fee depends on the total weigh of your order, insurance and the company chosen for mailing – always according to their price list. I always try to choose the cheapest way for you. I signed contracts with PPL, FedEx and the Czech post.

  8. What is the packing?

    One plastic bag for each item with/without gift wrap, packed into a carton box, package bag or envelope/depends on size, weight and number of offered silk.

  9. When will you dispatch my parcel after my payment? How long will it take to get to me?

    Normally I send the scarf within 48 hours after your payment (excluding weekends and holidays). Number of days of sending depends on the kind of company / FedEx, PPL take around 3-7 days, the Czech post is a little bit cheaper (economy or priority shipping), but needs a little bit more days (economy 5-15-20 days, priority 5-7 days).

  10. How can I track my parcel online?

    After shipping your item I will send you an email with tracking No. and you can track the status of your parcel online. When you don’t receive any of tracking information from me within 3 days, please contact me via email at zoravoz@hotmail.com.

  11. Can you paint our logo on your scarf?

    Yes, I can paint your logo on a scarf, or just sew your label on a scarf.